Children move continuously and are full of curiosity. Adults often become averse to risk, the new, the unknown.  They also stop running, swinging, hopping, rolling. Is this related?

In the Feldenkrais Method we think that if movement is a sign of life, then more movement must mean more life.

I have come to learn that there is no brain without a body; our mental self can not exist without a physical self.  When we learn to move, when we learn to turn, we come to see the things that might otherwise have been hidden from our view.

Studying Feldenkrais Method and doing Pilates give me continuous insights into how people move, why we have aches and pains, and how we can resolve hurt and movement problems to become healthier, mind and body.

This blog is a personal record of things and thoughts, to allow me to remember the moment that I learnt something, and what it was I learnt.

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